Extra Finishing FAQ


What is laminate / celloshine coating finishing?

A matte, silk, satin or glossy finish is applied to the entire printed piece. For this type of coating a plastic film and self adhesive is applied to the printed paper under high heat which rapidly cures it and bonds it to the paper. Laminates/Celloshine coating adds durability to the printed piece and deters dirt.

What's a gloss laminate / celloshine?

A gloss celloshine/laminate is visually stunning. It produces deeper, cleaner and crisper lines and colours and given vibrancy to cover phtoos. The glossy, reflective finish grabs attention and implies a richer product. Gloss laminate is durable i that it repels dust, dirst and fingerprints. Even when it does come into contact with surface dirt, it is easily wiped clear. Gloss is the standard for trade paperback books.

What's a matte laminate / celloshine?

Matte Laminate is often described as a more professional and elegant finish. Matte is currently the more "fashionable" choice for laminate. It is currently very popular among Young Adult titles. Authors, designers and consumers are enamored with the look and feel of matte lamination. The velvety texture of the finish makes for a pleasant tactile experience. The matte soft cover finish is less reflective than gloss, giving a more natural look to cover art.

A less shiny cover absorbs more small scratches and scuffs without looking "beat up". The simple contrast of a matte cover among many glossy covers may draw it's own attention on the bookstore shelf.

A few caveats regarding matte lamination: While many love the soft feel of matte lamination, the texture can be unusual and unexpected for some. The less reflective finish can lessen the intensity of cover color, producing a more "washed-out" or muted palette. Matte lamination can produce lower contrast on darker colors, resulting in an overall softer look. While scratches and scuffs are more readily absorbed by matte lamination, this finish can be more susceptible to stains and spills. 

What is spot UV finishing?

A matte, silk, satin or glossy finish can be applied to specific "spot" areas of the printed piece such as photographs and graphic images. For this type of coating a liquid is applied to the printed paper and exposed to an ultraviolet light which rapidly cures it and bonds it to the paper.</font-size:>